Meeting the SDGs by 2030

Foreign Minister Gyawali claims development goals will be met despite the pandemic

KATHMANDU: Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali has claimed that Nepal will succeed in achieving the goals of national development despite some major natural calamities and the COVID pandemic. 

Addressing the annual festival of Nepal Development Research Institute in Kathmandu, Minister Gyawali said that the goal of development would be achieved despite the added challenges of natural disasters and pandemics. 

Although there is still a lot of work to be done in some areas of Nepal’s development indicators, he expressed his determination to meet the Sustainable Development Goals by the end of 2030 BS.

He also said that organizations like the Nepal Development Research Institute can play a big role in exploring the development potential and formulating policies as well as identifying challenges and shortcomings in Nepal’s development.

Stating that research is of great importance in the development of Nepal, Minister Gyawali said that such institutions would also be resourceful in overcoming the obstacles in the ongoing development.

The Development Research Institute, established in Nepal in 2004, has been providing valuable policy support to the government and various government bodies. It has been giving policy suggestions to the people who have gained expertise in various fields in the areas of development, planning, climate change, poverty alleviation, natural disaster reduction through the assembling of experts from various sectors.  


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