Ashtalakshmi’s request to Prime Minister: Comrade, come to our meeting

KATHMANDU: CPN-UML senior leader Ashtalakshmi Shakya has urged the Prime Minister and party chairperson KP Oli to attend a gathering of party cadres organized by the party’s dissident group today.

Speaking at the rally, Shakya said, “This is not a faction rally, it is a party rally.” We want to make UML strong  and united. We want to lead the transformation of the country. Should I be afraid to come to such a gathering? To endure such threats? I want to condemn it. “

She said that the meeting held in Baluwatar on 12th March was not in line with the party’s constitution. She demanded to take back all the decisions made by the meeting.

Shakya said, “I want to urge comrade Oli, there is still time, come to this meeting.”



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