Biplav must follow the same path as I did, and eventually come to this team: Prachanda

KATHMANDU: Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (Prachanda-Madhav faction) Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that Netra Bikram Chandra ‘Biplav’ has finally reached the path he has paved.

Addressing a party induction program at the party office on Saturday, he said he was looking forward to welcoming Biplav to the party.

Prachanda had claimed that he had already said that the Biplav would eventually come to his line.

He said, ‘As far as I understand him, I know him, ultimately he must come to this place, this line, this team. I told this to him a long time ago, when we were separated. ‘

Some cadres of the Biplav-led CPN had also joined the Prachanda-Madhav CPN.

He said that only one Prachanda can be born in a period. “I told you, there will be no more riots now. Eventually, he is in Prachanda’s path, so I want to thank him.


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