Raghuji Panta in controversy over sexually harassing remarks on Komal Oli 

KATHMANDU: Raghuji Panta, leader of the Prachanda-Nepal faction of the Communist Party of Nepal, has made sexually harassing comments on Komal Oli, a folk singer and member of the National Assembly. Speaking at a program yesterday, he claimed that Oli had become a member of the parliament by “moving up her Saari and showing off her skin”.

Panta had raised this issue of Oli while discussing that women who struggled in his party did not get opportunities.

What he said – 

“Women are also moving towards KP now. There are women in this party who have not been married for 20 years. However, even they did not receive tickets or the National Assembly. After Komal Oli pulled up her Saari (with the Saari-moving gesture) and showed her legs and calves, she became a Member of the Parliament.”

Participants can be heard laughing and clapping at Panta’s expression.

Komal has objected to Panta’s remarks. She called Panta a despicable person in a tweet.

Oli writes, “It has finally become clear how despicable Raghuji Panta is. My question to Pantaji – who are the women leaders in any position in your party that have reached their positions by showing their legs? Must a woman in this country be a victim of poor thinking like you to reach any position?” 

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