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Government inaugurating five industrial zones at once 

KATHMANDU: The government is planning to set up five industrial zones in four provinces at the same time. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Poudel and Industry, Commerce and Supplies Minister Lekhraj Bhatta are inaugurating these industrial zones this year.

For this, the Prime Minister is going to the Far West on Monday. Of the five, the Prime Minister will lay two, Finance Minister Poudel one and Industry Minister Lekhraj Bhatta two industrial zones, said Nanda Kishore Basnet, Chairman of the Industrial Area Management Limited.

A program has been scheduled to inaugurate the industrial zones on 22nd, 23rd, 25th and 27th February.

Prime Minister Oli will inaugurate the ‘Daiji-Chhela Industrial Area’ of Kanchanpur in the Far Western Province on 22nd February and the ‘China-Nepal Industrial Park’ covering the Damak Municipality, Kamal Village and Gauradaha Municipal Area of ​​Jhapa, Province 1 on 27th February.

Similarly, Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Bhatta is laying the foundation stone of ‘Naubesta Industrial Area’ in Banke, Lumbini on 22nd February and ‘Mayurdhap Industrial Area’ in Makwanpur, Bagmati on 25th February. 

Similarly, Finance Minister Poudel is scheduled to inaugurate ‘Motipur Industrial Area’ in Rupandehi, Lumbini on 24th February. 

These five industrial zones will be completed within five years, said Basnet.

The government has set a target of completing the five industrial zones being inaugurated from 22nd to 27th in five provinces within five years with foreign investment of Rs. 25 Billion. The target is to complete the construction of two out of five industrial zones with foreign investment and three industrial zones with 25 billion domestic investment,” said Basnet.

Of the five industrial zones, the China-Nepal Industrial Park in Jhapa of Province No. 1 is the largest industrial zone and the smallest is the Mayurdhap Industrial Area of ​​Bagmati Province.

‘Daiji-Chhela Industrial Area’ of Kanchanpur in Far Western Province: The government plans to complete the construction with an investment of Rs 8 billion and its area is 450 Bighas. 

The ‘Naubesta Industrial Zone’ in Banke, Lumbini is being constructed with an investment of Rs 9 billion. It has a total of 338 Bighas.

The Motipur Industrial Area in Lumbini is the second largest. The government plans to build the industrial zone with 12 billion foreign investment, Basnet said. This industrial zone will be constructed in an area of ​​about 935 Bighas.

The ‘Mayurdhap Industrial Area’ in Makwanpur is the smallest. The government aims to complete the 200-Bigha industrial zone with Rs 8 billion domestic investment.

Jhapa’s ‘China-Nepal Industrial Park’: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is inaugurating the ‘Damak-Kamal-Gauradaha Industrial Zone’ on 22nd February, including Jhapa’s Damak Municipality, Kamal Village Municipality and Gauradaha Municipality. All the three local levels are important constituencies in Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s constituency. The industrial park, which is being constructed with the help of China, will be constructed in an area of ​​1400 bighas. 


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