1 million doses of COVID vaccine being brought from India

KATHMANDU: One million doses of Covishield vaccine against Covid-19 are being brought to Kathmandu today. Joint Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr Sameer Kumar Adhikari, informed that one million doses of vaccine would be brought to Kathmandu from New Delhi, India by Air India flight at 1.30 pm.

According to him, as per the agreement reached with the vaccine manufacturer Serum Institute of India on March 19, 1 million doses of vaccine will be delivered in the first phase on Sunday.

Earlier, the government of India had provided the vaccine to the same company on January 25. The vaccine is now being given to frontline employees. Dr Adhikari, the Joint Spokesperson of the Ministry, said that the vaccine will be stored at the Moisture Center in Teku from the airport.

The vaccine will be given to senior citizens above 55 years of age from March 7. He said that the vaccines will be distributed to the vaccination centres across the country from the district health office through the state health supply management centre.

He said that as per the agreement, the remaining vaccine manufacturers will get the supply soon as per the supply schedule proposed by the health service department.


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