Bhagirathi strangled to death after being raped

Accused was under police surveillance from Day One

KAILALI: Police have arrested the accused 13 days after the rape and murder of Bhagirathi Bhatta, a 17-year-old girl of Baitadi Dogadakedar Gaonpalika-7, who was returning home from school on 3rd February.

According to the police, a young man studying in Grade 11 at Sanatan Dharma Secondary School was involved in the murder of Bhagarathi.

Despite being raped and murdered on 3rd February, Bhagirathi’s body was found in the bush of Banmara forest about 70 meters below the road in Lablek forest at 5 pm the next day.

According to a police source, the accused youth initially attacked Bhagirathi from a small hill and raped her while she was injured.

According to the police officer, she was strangled to death after the rape. The post-mortem report has confirmed that Bhagirathi was strangled to death after being raped.

Far-Western Police spokesperson SSP Mukesh Singh said that the arrested accused had already admitted the incident.

“The accused are Bhagirathi’s neighbors and classmates. He confessed to raping and killing her on the way back from school that day,” he said. “We are making this information public today.”

Police officials say that she was killed by a young man who had been under suspicion since the first day of the incident. “The young men were under our surveillance, but there was not enough evidence,” said one of the officers in charge of the investigation.

Police said that the accused was arrested from his house.

The arrested accused has told the police that the incident was done to get revenge.

“The accused has given a statement that he raped Bhagirathi to avenge his father’s death,” said an official involved in the investigation.

The accused had also been participating in a protest by a local students against Bhagirathi’s murder.

The culprits in the investigation into the rape and murder of Nirmala Pant have not been arrested yet. Police, which was criticized in the Nirmala case, has got relief in the Bhagarathi murder case.

State Police Chief DIG Uttam Subedi had been investigating the incident for the past 10 days. A police team was also deployed under the command of the DSP from the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB).


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