Accused of Bhagirathi murder case made public

Dinesh has already admitted the charge of Bhagirathi murder: Police

KATHMANDU: The information of Dinesh Bhatta from Baitadi, who was arrested on the charge of raping and killing Bhagarathi Bhatta, has been made public by the Police. According to the Police, Bhatta had given a statement that he had strangled and tried to rape her.

At a press conference held at the District Police Office, DIG Uttamraj Subedi said that the accused initially pushed Bhagirathi and killed her by strangling her with both hands. He said that even though investigation has shown that the victim was raped by pulling her pants to her knees after the murder, no conclusions can be drawn yet.  

“Investigations have shown that he is the only one involved. Now that the forensic lab and other reports have come in, we can bring out more facts,” he said.

Is it possible for a 16-year-old to rape and kill a 17-year-old girl? To this question, he responded, “Looking at the nature of the scene and activities, it doesn’t mean he can’t do it.”


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