Nepal’s attention drawn to Biplav Dev’s statement: Ambassador, objecting to South Block

KATHMANDU: Nepal has formally objected to the public statement made by Tripura Chief Minister Biplav Dev, quoting Indian Home Minister Amit Shah.

The Embassy of Nepal in Delhi has drawn the attention of the Indian government expressing serious objection to Biplav Dev’s statement.

A source at Embassy of Nepal in Delhi informed Nepal Press that the matter was brought to the notice of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. Ambassador Nilambar Acharya said that a discussion must be held on this issue. 

Amit Shah had said in 2018 when he was the then president of the Bharatiya Janata Party that he wanted to become the largest party in the world by expanding the Bharatiya Janata Party even in the neighborhood. Tripura Chief Minister Biplav Dev has revealed that he will form a BJP government by expanding its organization in Nepal and Sri Lanka.

After drawing India’s attention to the statement, the Embassy also informed Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Shah and his party, the BJP, have not commented on Chief Minister Dev’s remarks.

The Indian Congress has also formally apologized, accusing it of trying to sour relations with its neighbors. The Communist Party of India has also objected.

Sri Lanka’s Chief Election Commissioner Nimal Panchihewa has also objected to Dev’s remarks. He said there was no legal provision for any Sri Lankan party to expand its party abroad and no foreign party to expand its party in Sri Lanka.


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