Ongoing Protests

Traffic disrupted even before rally by Prachanda-Madhav faction begins

KATHMANDU: The vehicle traffic in Kathmandu has become chaotic even before the Prachanda-Madhav faction of the divided CPN (Maoist) started the protests and demonstration. Vehicles other than motorcycles have not been able to run as they used to on the main roads of Kathmandu.

According to the Traffic Police Office, other vehicles have been stopped at Jawalakhel, Tinkune, Maharajgunj and other places. Large buses carrying residents from outside the district have also been stopped outside Ring Road. 

It has not been possible to manage the traffic by deploying all the traffic police in the valley. There is a traffic jam on the roads and those commuting to work are also stranded on the roads.

Alternative inner roads including Dhobikhola corridor have also been blocked. Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Shyam Krishna Adhikari said that the traffic jam started even before 9 am.

The traffic jam started as protesters from different districts came out of party palaces and hotels and started coming down to the streets in small groups for the demonstration.  


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