House Dissolution

Writ petition filed by Speaker, hearing to be held today

KATHMANDU: The hearing of a writ petition filed by Speaker Agni Sapkota against the appointment and swearing in of the Constitutional Council is being held today. The writ petition filed on Friday was fixed for hearing by the Supreme Court today.

A single bench of Justice Prakash Kumar Dhungana is scheduled to hear the case.

The Speaker had on Friday filed a writ petition against the 39 entities, including the 32 recently sworn-in heads of constitutional bodies, the President, the Prime Minister, the Chief Justice, the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Chief Secretary and other bodies involved in the swearing-in.

Members of the dissolved House of Representatives including Speaker Agni Sapkota, Shashi Shrestha, Ram Kumari Jhankri and Amrita Thapa of the divided CPN had also gone to the court demanding annulment of the oath and appointment.


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