We need elections, not instability: PM Oli

PM Oli chanted slogans in favour of the election at a public meeting organized by the Oli faction of the Communist Party of Nepal.

‘All of you Kathmanduites, say in unison, instability or elections?’ Oli asked. The crowd answered elections 

Oli then chanted “We need elections, not instability. We need elections, not instability.”

‘Now everyone must have heard. The country is moving towards the election. Election decides, whose government should be formed ‘, Oli further added,’ The country is not in crisis when there is an election, How can a country be in crisis when citizens give their decision? The country is in crisis when some people sit in the corner and conspire and work for others. ‘

The prime minister claimed that his dissolution of parliament was not unconstitutional. He also gave examples from other countries. Oli said ‘There is no written constitution in the UK, the Prime Minister has not written anywhere that Parliament will be dissolved. However, the Prime Minister recently dissolved parliament and called for elections. If the work cannot be done, the Prime Minister will dissolve parliament. The Prime Minister then takes a fresh mandate. We have to find an answer to the tendency of them coming to the parliament on our own and not allowing us to work, and criticizing the government for not working. ‘


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