DV ban to be lifted, Biden prepares to resume lottery soon

KATHMANDU: Restrictions on various immigrant and worker visas, including the US DV lottery, have been lifted.

White House official Esther Olavarria said President Joe Biden would reverse former President Trump’s decision through an executive order. Earlier, Trump extended the immigration ban until March 31.

Olavarria made these remarks at a virtual meeting with mayors at the White House. However, it is not clear when the executive order will be issued.

Esther Olavarria is President Biden’s top Immigration Adviser. About three weeks before Biden took office, Trump extended the ban on immigrant and worker visas until the end of March.

One of the winners of the 2020 DV lottery, who received a visa in September, has not been able to travel to the United States. Even the DV winner of the fiscal year 2021 has not been able to get a visa yet. The 2020 DV winners will have to travel to the United States by March.


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