Mandatory PCR and quarantine for those coming to Nepal from the UK

KATHMANDU: Passengers coming to Nepal from countries including the United Kingdom with a new species of coronavirus infection are required to undergo mandatory PCR testing and quarantine.

The Embassy of Nepal in London has issued a press release stating that the COVID-19 standard has been applied to the passengers going to Nepal.

There is a condition for the passengers that there should be a COVID test report within 72 hours, the date and details of the flight must be informed to the embassy before the trip, and the hotel listed by the Ministry of Tourism must be booked for quarantine when purchasing an air ticket.

The embassy has also urged non-resident Nepalis to obtain a visa from the embassy before travelling and not to travel by land routes to countries bordering Nepal.

A new variant of Corona spread in the UK has also been found in Nepal. Due to which, the Government of Nepal has tightened the travel to countries including the United Kingdom.



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