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Prachanda accuses Oli of backtracking by siding with India

Usual backbiting after break-up or any shade of truth?

Chairman of the divided CPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has accused KP Oli of dissolving the House of Representatives, in collaboration with India.

Addressing a gathering of journalists in Kathmandu on Tuesday, Prachanda, without mentioning India, said “Oli’s nationalism proved hollow. Today, he is regressing by siding with who he was speaking against yesterday.”

In another context, Prachanda said Oli had not been able to take the confidence of former UML, but accusing him (Prachanda) of playing within it. Oli said the fact that Prachanda gaining the trust of UML despite having joined hands with them very recently is questionable.

“If I have to be tough, I will. I am ready now. KP Oli, now you are done. Nothing is in his hands now. It’s over. He doesn’t have much time,” he said. 


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