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COVID -19 death toll reaches 2 million

Seemingly Unstoppable

KATHMANDU. COVID-19 infection is spreading, According to Johns Hopkins University, the death toll from the virus reached more than two million worldwide by Friday night. More than 90 million people have been confirmed infected. The virus has spread to 190 countries.


In the United States alone, more than 387 thousand people have lost their lives.  Similarly, 207 thousand deaths Brazil and 151 thousand deaths in India were reported. The most affected countries after that are Mexico, Britain and Italy. According to statistics, the number of deaths due to the virus in Nepal is 1948 and the death rate is 6.9 per cent.66 thousand and 816 people have been infected with the virus.

The UK has cut off air and transport links with all countries since the new coronavirus began to appear in the country.  UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has banned contacts in the UK since last night. A new species of corona found in Brazil has been found in the UK. The UK is in strict lockdown right now.

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