‘Krishna-Leela’ shooting completed

The entire shooting of the film ‘Krishna-Leela’ has been completed. As per information received, the pack up came after a nonstop shoot for 40 days.

The film, which started from Jhapa in the second week of November, had an ‘end clap’ in Jhapa on Sunday. The director of this film is Deepak Oli. In ‘Krishna-Leela’, actor Pushpa Khadka is in the role of Krishna and actress Shraddha Chhetri is playing Leela.

Presented by Rohit Kattel and produced by Prakash Karki, Keval Tamang with Ratna Shrestha as executive producer, the song has music by Arjun Pokhrel and choreography by Ramji Lamichhane. Scripted by  Laxman Subedi, the film stars Buddhi Tamang, Rabindra Jha, Navin Regmi, Hiuwala Gautam, Bhavana Gurung and Ayush Guragail along with Pushpa and Shraddha.

Shiva Dhakal is the cinematographer of the film made under the banner of RR Films. Presenter Rohit has informed that the film’s release date, shot in various scenic places of Jhapa, Ilam and Panchthar, will be finalised soon.


  •  Another release in the pipeline – date undecided

  • Shooting finishes in a hectic 40 days


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