Railways to operate on Tilottama Ring Road

Tilottama: Preparations have been made for the operation of a train in Tilottama Municipality of Rupandehi. This has been done for the operation of a 52 km ring road within the Municipality.

The Detailed Project Report (DPR) of the Municipal Ring Tram Railway was made public in Tilottama on Sunday. A public railway company has planned to operate a 52-kilometer ring road in the Municipality. 

Speaking at the DPR publicizing program of the tram railway, Chief of Tilottama Municipality Basudev Ghimire expressed his commitment to provide assistance for the train.

He said that the Municipality is ready to provide financial assistance to remove obstacles in the construction of the railway and that the 14-kilometer road from Yogikuti to Rohini river reservoir will be operational within two years. He also stated that the tramway would be important in terms of agriculture and tourism. 

Bhola Sharma, manager of a public railway company in Tilottama and former general manager of Nepal Railway Company Janakpur, said that the railway would be operated after construction is completed as per the municipality’s co-ordination. He informed that there will be no obstruction and noise on the road after the operation of the train and also that there will be no impact on the environment.

Since the tram is a tourist train there will be no obstruction to human settlements, according to Sharma. Even if there are problems on the road, the train can easily be stopped. He claimed that there would be no financial obstacle in the construction of Tilottama train.

Dadhiram Gautam, Ward Chairman of Tilottama Municipality-2 and Hari Tiwari, Vice-Chairman of Tilottama Public Railway Company Limited stressed on the need of everyone’s support and advice in operating the tram.

Munstar Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Dang has gotten the contract for the construction of the railway. It is said that the DPR will be completed within the next 7-8 months. Chairman of the railway company Baburam Aryal has informed that an estimated budget of Rs 6.7 billion will be required for the operation of the railway after the completion of the preliminary survey. 17 stations will be constructed for the 52 km long railway.



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