‘Phone tapping’ is a serious criminal offence

Leader of the main opposition Nepali Congress, Jitendra Narayan Dev said that the government was tapping the phone and that it was a serious criminal offence.

Addressing the first meeting of the winter session of the National Assembly on Friday the congress leader said”The government has been tapping the phones of its opposition leaders for the past few days. If this is the case, it would be illegal, unconstitutional and a criminal offence.”

Leader Barshaman Pun had raised this issue while addressing Rolpa’s rally as part of the nationwide protest program organized by the CPN (Prachanda-Madhav faction) against the dissolution of the House of Representatives. He accused the government of tapping the phone of opposition leaders.

Dev also said that the government has already bought a phone tapping machine for Rs 40 million. He said, “It has been widely reported in the media for the last two or three days. This issue has been raised by a friend who has just left the cabinet. According to a paper, the government of Nepal has bought a phone tapping machine for Rs 40 million.”

He has even demanded an answer from the government. He justifies “If this is not the case, then it is fine ” but what is it has come in the media.” He further elaborates how one former minister has informed that the ruling party leader has said that the phone is being tapped and he would like to demand an answer from the Government of Nepal in this regard.


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