Vote for democratic candidates, says Deuba

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President has appealed to one and all to actively participate in the May 13 local level elections and vote for Nepali Congress candidates to make them victorious.

In his appeal today, the NC president claimed that citizens had got the opportunity to form local governments on their own following a long struggle for democracy under the NC’s leadership.

He called on eligible voters to exercise their voting rights in the local level elections meant for institutionalising and consolidating the federal democratic republic achieved by years long struggle and dedication. He went on to say that history had made it clear that movements and campaigns be they political, or socio-economic had ended with progressive results and they were carried out under the NC’s leadership and the NC’s decisive role was significant in every political movement’s success.

“The latest political developments in the country are sufficient to say that the protection of the constitution that was promulgated by the Constituent Assembly with the direct people’s participation was ensured under NC leadership when the House was under the frequent siege of a totalitarian ruler who imprudently dissolved it time and again by stepping on the country’s main law.

“The five-party political alliance was forged against the backdrop of such insolent moves. We all are aware of the existing situation that demands its continuation,” he said in the appeal.

Stating that the NC was dedicated to political stability, the NC president said the party had resolved to commercialise and modernise agriculture, promote the tourism sector and hydropower production, and also invest in the productive sector and create jobs within the country. The appeal reads, “The government formed under the leadership of NC for the protection of democracy and the constitution fulfilled its commitment to provide vaccine against COVID-19 to the general people by 13 April 2022.

He shared that the government had become successful in fulfilling the desire of Kathmandu folks by distributing drinking water by 14 May 2022 from the Melamchi Drinking Water Project.

“The NC has proved that it fulfils what it says. It does not just sell dreams to the people for cheap popularity. Balanced foreign policy has increased trust and confidence of the international community.

Doors of additional possibilities of international cooperation and investment have been opened in infrastructure development with the passage of MCC from the Parliament.

Remarkable activities are being carried out to ensure good governance by discouraging corruption,” reads the appeal.

The NC president said, “NC is the heartbeat of the general people.

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