Suntale Danda of Bhojpur: Pleasant reminiscence of Bhedetar
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Albeit not having visited the area, very few are unaware of the mesmerizing beauty of Bhedetar, which falls between Dharan and Dhankuta. The gripping mountain ranges to the north combined with the rich blue of the lakes in the Terai visible towards the south leave an impeccable impact on all onlookers. 

Bhojpur’s ‘Suntale’ provides a pleasant glimpse of Bhedetar. Anyone who reaches there is enchanted by the view of the mountains and surrounding hills. From here, one can view the majestic charm of Makalu, Kanchenjunga mountains, and other ranges. The views of the rising and setting sun are delectable; it is next to impossible to describe the natural scenery as seen from Temke Peak, the border of Khotang, to Tumling in Arun Valley with its lush green forests and rhododendrons that bloom in their season. Crowds of people visit for sightseeing and to play in the snow. 

Doors of possibility are opening up in the mountains after motorable roads reached the region. The pressure of internal and external tourists is increasing day by day in Suntale, located in the Bhojpur municipality area. 

Dhruba Shrestha, President of Bhojpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry says that Suntale Danda, located at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level, has become a go-to for people to forget fatigue and laziness. The ‘Mundhum Trail’ on the Tenzing-Hillary trekking route, which is on the list of popular tourist destinations, can be reached through this place. 

It takes two hours on foot from Bhojpur Bazar to reach here, and half an hour by vehicle. Due to its proximity to the district headquarters, the number of people going on holiday and hanging out with friends here is increasing day by day. 

With cold climate persisting throughout the year, the local chicken Tite (a special dish of the Kirati community), Tongba, boiled potatoes, dried meat, and spinach greens are some of the specialty dishes of this region. 

Chief of Bhojpur Municipality Kailash Kumar Ale says that a comprehensive plan is being brought for the development of the Suntale area. Ale has said that he has given priority to the promotion and development of the city by identifying it as a tourist destination. 

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