Bhaktapur in Sindur Jatra
Photo Feature
Nishant Singh Gurung April 15, 2021

BHAKTAPUR: Madhyapur Thimi of Bhaktapur is in the joy of Sindoor (Vermillion) Jatra at this time. Despite the risk of COVID infection, the procession was crowded this year, just like the beginning of the new year.

The Sindoor Jatra with 32 palanquin Khats has been celebrated on the occasion of Biscuit Jatra.

According to the locals, it is customary to welcome the deity by placing a deity in a palanquin (Khat) and walking around every streets chowk, crossroads and town with a shower of flowers from the windows, roofs and roofs of the house.

By playing bhusyabaja, kayabaja, dhimebaja, the khatala of the deity is circled with joy by putting vermillion on each other face.


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