Magical Timbung Pokhari
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NepalPress February 20, 2021

PANCHTHAR: Timbung Pokhari is a popular tourist destination of Province 1. Located at the triangular confluence of Yangwarak in Panchthar, Sidingwa village in Taplejung and Sikkim State in India is the magical Timbung Pokhari.

To reach Timbung Pokhari, one has to walk for three days from Panchthar and Taplejung. The place can be reached through Falaincha of Panchthar and Khewang of Sirijangha in Taplejung.

There are dozens of ponds, including Handi Pokhari, Tawa Pokhari, Laxmi Pokhari, Dudh Pokhari, Mayur Pokhari and Neer Pokhari around Timbung Pokhari.

From here, you can see the scenery of Kanchenjunga, Kumbhakarna and Sikkim, Darjeeling and other places in India. This area is at an altitude of 4 thousand 481 meters.

According to Sidingwa Village Municipality Chairman Nara Bahadur Kadariya, the name Timbung Pokhari comes from the word ‘Tembak’ of Limbu language. In the Limbu language, ‘Te’ means gun and ‘Bung’ means crackling sound. There is a belief that if you visit the pond, your aspirations will be fulfilled. 

Chairman Kadariya said that a festival is also organized to promote Timbung Pokhari, an area of ​​biological, religious and cultural importance. Possessing biological, religious and cultural significance, Timbung Pokhari is equally important in terms of tourism. However, due to the inability to connect road networks, it has not been able to find a place in tourism promotion as one would expect. It is considered suitable to visit this area from May to August. Winter begins to increase from September. Even shepherds leave during winter.

Due to extreme cold and heavy snowfall, it is very difficult to reach this area in winter.

The Timbung Pokhari area, famous due to Gosainkunda, is considered to be a popular destination for sightseeing and pilgrimage. The Timbung Pokhari, located in the middle of a rocky hill, is extremely beautiful.

In the beautiful Timbung Pokhari area in the foothills of the mountains, various species of Lekali herbs, wildlife, a wide Nagi Chaur, and enchanting mountainous rocks are seen. Flowers and herbs like Padamchal, Kenzo, Mycopila, Panchaunle, Bikhma, Kuti, Khokim are found here.

There is a belief that if you visit Timbung Pokhari, you will achieve good deeds and fulfill all your desires. Every year, many pilgrims from Panchthar, Ilam, Taplejung, Tehrathum and other Terai districts and from different parts of India visit Timbung Pokhari. Experts say that there are 178 ponds around Timbung Pokhari.

To reach this area, which is 18 kms north of Phidim, the district headquarters of Panchthar, you have to walk for two to three days after getting off the vehicle.

There are no human settlements near this area. The nearby Chauri Goth itself is the hotel and lodge here for accommodation. Timbung Pokhari can be reached from Phidim, the district headquarters of Panchthar, to Ganesh Chowk by using the Mechi Highway and from there by using the Mid-Hill Highway. 

Similarly, Timbung Pokhari can also be reached via the origin of the Mid-Hills Highway, Chiwabhanjyang. The other way is to travel from Pashupatinagar of Ilam by using the Sandakpur-Falot route.

To avoid the chill of the winter, light footwear, hats, sleeping bags and high altitude, don’t forget to carry corn flour, ginger, garlic, some antibiotics and plenty of dry food to satisfy your hunger on the way. 

Picture Courtesy: Manoj Upreti 

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