Indian Farmers Republic Day:  WHEN Politicians Don’t Listen to Anyone
IN PICS: Forget Mount Everest, Delhi seems out of control as Religious flag unfurled
NepalPress January 26, 2021


These distressing scenes are unfolding in India’s capital today while the powerful neighbour is celebrating its republic day. It is a sordid tale of the distress of the common people being ignored by the corridors of power. It is also a chilling reminder to the politicians back home that they need to rediscover their conscience and act in public interest instead of clinging solely to the canker of selfish-interest. If that does not happen, then democracy is only tyranny in a new bottle.


Police unable to manage protests. Riotous scenes in India’s capital city.

Protestors UNFURL religious flag atop India’s Red Fort, where the Indian PM had unfurled the Indian Flag. 

Zee News was claiming Mount Everest, Indian Police is having a hard time getting their own capital under control.


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